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Current Small Group Reflections

I Got the Power

During my time as a tutor, I have learned the personal relationships we build are what matters the most to these kids. I will never be the best at explaining math. With a little divine intervention, I’m good enough to give their math skills a nudge in the right direction. What they really want is somebody to talk to. They want to share their joys and challenges...
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Serving Others

I’m not sure when I realized my desire to help others wasn’t just about wanting to be like my parents but was in fact my calling. Perhaps I’m still trying to figure it out...
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Toward Relationship

God desires for us to have a relationship with him. He sought out Adam and Eve in the garden, he found Moses wondering in the desert and sent his only son Jesus to walk among us. But a relationship with God, as with any relationship, is not a one-way ordeal and requires a sincere effort on our part...
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The Icefall Doctors at times seems like a climb and its crevasses impassible. We wonder how we will ever carve out a path through its unpredictable terrain. But we are not alone; we have an Icefall Doctor who has gone before us.
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I am not enough. I don’t know about you, but at various times in my life those words have been a sort of negative mantra running through my mind, keeping me from seeing what is possible...
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Earlier Posts

Uniquely Made

At dusk one March evening I drove side by side with a train for about fifteen miles on my way home from Weston. I have to admit, my first thought in seeing the train next to me was, “I could totally beat this guy.” Yeesh, what is wrong with me that I instinctively want to prove I can go faster THAN A TRAIN?! I must be really desperate for a win…

Already; And Not Yet

John 11:17-44; there is a palpable tension in this scene. You can almost feel it when Martha confronts Jesus saying, “Lord, if you had been here my brother would not have died.” You see days before Lazarus’ death, word had been sent by Mary and Martha to Jesus that their brother was gravely ill…

Psalm 22 & Spiritual Somersaults

Our spoken words are incantations casting spells upon our lives. I’m convinced of it. I think the Psalmist was, too. It’s why the Psalms are heralded as Scripture’s most transformative texts…

Wow, Thanks, Help

The prayer instructions found in James 5:13-20 teach us to pray in all circumstances. When we feel suffering, pray. When we feel joy, pray. When we are sick, pray. When we mess up, pray….

Praise & Cursing

Let me set the scene… I am driving in my car. I am listening to Glory Revival or some other worship music. I am in the zone. I am trying to steady my heart and center myself within Christ. Suddenly a car comes speeding past me….

Missional Life

After college, my understanding of missions and service was deepened.  I worked full time for the mission agency where my youth group had served several times.  I was blessed to be able to live alongside those I had served; they became my neighbors. This challenged my...

Where Your Treasure is, There Your Heart Will be Also

Every spring, I get a strong urge to go through my entire place and get rid of everything!  I don’t know if it’s a spring cleaning bug or what…but I want everything gone.  I think after a winter of mostly staying inside, I am ready for the clutter to go away and new...

Is your Bible collecting dust? You’re not alone.

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration or perhaps a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible? Maybe you even went out and bought one of those one-year Bibles or a 365-day devotional. But, if you are like me, no matter how determined your start and how sincere your...

Intermittent Fasting – Health Benefits

We hope you’ve been able to press into the spiritual aspect of fasting this week and encourage you to reach out to us on our Facebook page at and let us know how it has been going! Maybe this week has been a struggle for you, or maybe you...

Fasting – Making Space for God

I have a hard time making space for God in my life. This has often been the case, but is best illustrated through an experience I once had. In college, I was first introduced to the spiritual discipline of fasting when the campus ministry I was part of did a week-long fast.  You read that right…a week-long, liquid-only, pray-your-guts-out fast….

Pink as Pancakes

My 6-year-old daughter, Linden, and I made pink pancakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. She was in charge of the red food coloring, and I stirred. (She would also like you to know that she is a very skilled pancake-flipper-overer.) With a spoon, I worked in the red...