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The latest music from the Resurrection worship teams.

Christology // Doxology


On this Good Friday, we bring you Christology // Doxology. Christology is a little hymn Matt and Allison wrote a few years ago. It has a really traditional, liturgical flow to it, almost like you could have come across it in the back of a dusty old hymnal somewhere. So it felt really natural to pair it with the Doxology that many of us have been singing in worship our whole lives.

We are so excited to share this final hymn from “Living Room Worship: Vol. 2”

All the Earth Will Rejoice


“All of the earth will rejoice // In the grace of the breath of the morning // In what once was void // All the trees lift their arms to adore You”
When we gather together in worship, we join our voices alongside all of creation proclaiming the greatness of the living God, the creator of the entire universe! How perplexing and beautiful that this same God – who could have chosen any other way – knowingly entered into our mess, into our pain, to show us that we are never alone. And willfully suffered and died for the sake of all the earth – even those who want nothing to do with Him.
We are beyond excited to bring you this new hymn – All the Earth Will Rejoice – written by Justin Huey and led beautifully by the incredible Allison Mabe. We hope it brings some joy to your day.

Oh My God, What Wondrous Love

“Oh my God, what wondrous love // That holds me close as a whisper”
As we continue through this journey of Lent, we are excited to bring you another original hymn from the COR Worship Collective. “Oh My God, What Wondrous Love”, written and lead by Matt Bisel and Shalinn Silkwood, is the third song from “Living Room Worship: Vol. 2”.

There’s a Peace I’ve Come to Know

“When the mountains crumble and waters rage // I stand unshaken against the waves // He’s the peace I’ve come to know”
Have you ever known someone who really, really lives with the peace that comes from trusting in Christ? Like, no matter what they are going through – tragedy, uncertainty, pain, whatever – their faith seems unshakable? I think this is what God wants for all of us – to really KNOW Him, and to have the peace that comes from really knowing Him. To rest assured that no matter what the situation, He will be faithful.
The second of five songs from “Living Room Worship: Vol 2” is one of the newer hymns to come out of our community – “There’s a Peace I’ve Come to Know”. We hope it blesses you!

How Great Thou Art

We’re so excited to kick off “Living Room Worship: Vol. 2” with a rendition of one of our absolute favorite hymns – How Great Thou Art. This is the first of five videos we’ll be releasing throughout Lent.

We find such life in these old songs that have been sung and prayed by generations upon generations of people. They inspire us and inform the music we write with their ability to transcend years, worship styles and trends. And no matter how many times or different ways we hear, sing or play them, they can somehow feel new again. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it!

Dark Night of the Soul

“And in faith I’ll stand on Christ’s unfailing love // I will sing, I will sing ’til the morning comes”

In this final hymn from our Living Room Worship series, Matt sings of trusting in a God who walks with us in the midst of joy or pain. Who is big enough for our doubts, our hurts, our sorrows. Who promises to never leave or forsake us. In all things, He is faithful. So wherever you are today, we invite you to sing along with us, and to put your trust in unfailing love.

‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

In the book of Daniel, when given the choice of bowing down to the king of Babylon or certain death, three faithful guys chose to put their trust in a God who could and would deliver them from a blazing furnace. This hymn (powerfully led by Olivia Ash from our Blue Springs campus) is about the peace we can have when we place our trust in a God who promises to never leave or forsake us.

I’ll Praise My Maker

“I’ll Praise My Maker” is a fresh musical take on lyrics originally written by Isaac Watts and later altered by John Wesley. This is the fourth of six hymns from the debut album from the new COR Worship Collective due out in November! We hope this worship brings something positive to your weekend!

Perfect Love (How Can It Be?)

“Perfect Love (How Can It Be?)” is the third hymn from the debut Living Room Worship album from the new COR Worship Collective. Written earlier this year, “Perfect Love” is a celebration of the freedom we are given through Jesus’ great sacrifice for all of us. Listen and enjoy – and try not to lose it when Jennifer Watkins tears into the final chorus!

Oh, Your Love Pervades

In the second of six music videos from the Living Room Worship sessions, the COR Worship Collective takes a fresh spin on their song “Oh Your Love Pervades”, one of the first hymns written for the project. The COR Worship Collective is a new collaborative project with members of Glory Revival, Vessel Worship and musicians from every campus of Church of the Resurrection.

Sings My Soul, Rejoice

“Sings My Soul, Rejoice!” is the first of six music videos in a new collaborative project with members of Glory Revival and musicians from every campus of Church of the Resurrection. These Living Room Worship Sessions were born out of a desire to worship in community and write original music, and started in an actual living room.