Jan 24, 2019Spring 2019 Small Groups

Scripture – Joel 2:28-30; Acts 2:16-19

By Shannon Endicott

I am not enough.

I don’t know about you, but at various times in my life those words have been a sort of negative mantra running through my mind, keeping me from seeing what is possible.  “I am not enough”…as a Christian, as a friend, as a mom, as a wife (especially after a divorce)…the list could go on and on.  And when I allow these thoughts to run free, it leads to a downward spiral that often feels out of my control where nothing seems possible.  Other thoughts then pile on…“I am the only one who feels this way”, “I am alone”,“It will never get better”. It can become utterly paralyzing if this is the only voice I am listening to.  Have you ever heard this voice in your head? How has it limited you in seeing possibilities?

Thankfully I have never been alone.  Not really.  As a person of faith, I have others in my life who will speak truth over me, reminding me what is possible even when I can’t do it myself – from my mom, who has sent countless notes and cards of encouragement filled with beautiful words and meaningful scripture, to my friend, who is always there to listen and then to offer just the right amount of advice surrounded by love.  Through them I learn and re-learn that I am enough.  Do you have someone in your life to remind you what is possible?

But I also have another gift always with me…God’s word.  And boy is it a gift!  When no one else is around, when things seem impossible, if you can’t even bear to share your pain with another person, if you don’t have an amazing mom or friend to talk to, we still have hope!

We see this in the book of Joel, and then echoed in Acts, as we remember that God’s Spirit is with us…not just with those who have it all together.  Those who never doubt.  Those in power.  No, it says, “I will pour out my Spirit on ALL PEOPLE.”  Sons.  Daughters.  Old.  Young.  Servants.  Masters.  EVERYONE!

The Spirit moves in amazing ways…prophesy, dreams, visions, wonders, signs.  It’s almost too much to wrap my head around! But God desires for us to see that what seems imaginable is possible through the Spirit. My heart’s cry is that the next time my mind wanders into the land of “I am not enough”, I take the power of these words to speak this truth over my life, “God has poured out His Spirit on me”.  And on you!  And on all of us! How have you experienced the Holy Spirit in your life?

Wesley’s Challenge Questions for the Week:

  1. Do I disobey God in anything?
  2. Do I insist upon doing something about which my conscience is uneasy?

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