Studying Scripture

Aug 27, 2019Fall 2019 Small Groups

Scripture: Psalm 8

Studying Scripture

By Matt Bisel

There are several ways to go about reading and studying scripture. One way is through the historical context, getting a feel for what was happening at the time and in the place of a passage. Often times a good study Bible can help with this. Another way is through its literary genre; scripture is filled with many types of literature, including historic hymns, poetry, histories, stories and letters. You can read scripture using meditative or spiritual methods like Lectio Divina, meaning divine reading.  But no matter what passage of scripture I am reading and studying there are three questions I consider every time:  

  1. What does this passage of scripture say about God? 
  2. What does this passage of scripture say about us (humanity)?  
  3. What does this passage of scripture say about the relationship between God and us (humanity)?  

I ask these three questions because I believe more than anything that scripture is a collection of experiences that tell of a relationship between God and humanity. I ask these questions because that relationship continues with us. Read Psalm 8 all the way through at least once and then take time to consider what the Psalm is telling us about God, ourselves and our relationship with God. But move beyond surface level answers.  If this passage says something about God, then what are the implications of that? Not only for the characters in the passage, for the writer of the text or for the world, but also for us? I invite you to use these three questions every time you read and study scripture.    

Wesley’s Challenge Questions for the Week:  

  1. Did the Bible live in me today? 
  2. Do I give it time to speak to me every day? 

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