Trusting God More Than Ourselves

Sep 26, 2019Fall 2019 Small Groups

Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:6-9, Matthew 6:25 

Trusting God More Than Ourselves

By Jamie Cindrich

As humans, we sometimes struggle to trust God more than we trust ourselves – I am guilty of it more often than not. In March of 2017, despite my fears, I decided to take a wobbly step towards placing my trust in God’s plan.  

At age 28, and four months pregnant, I left a job where I was making a very healthy salary (plus commission) to work part-time for a church making $15 an hour.  

I won’t pretend I left that company on some kind of Godly mission to work for the church.  I was profoundly unhappy in my job, despite the paycheck. The work seemed meaningless; I lacked passion and grew to resent my boss, clients, and the monthly sales cycle. I looked for other work for a year. I interviewed with a nonprofit, a retirement home, and a company that sold gear for outdoorsy types – all areas I felt might inspire passion within me. None of those leads worked out and I started to lose hope that there was a job out there where I could use my skills to help others or work in a field I enjoyed.  

I feel deeply that God directed my path during that time. I’ve been a United Methodist and attended a small UMC my entire life. One evening while sitting at the table with my husband, a thought occurred to me, seemingly from out of nowhere. What about that big United Methodist church?? Excited, I quickly googled Church of the Resurrection and found their employment page. As I scrolled through the listings, I saw it – the downtown campus was looking for someone to assist the campus pastor and other administrative duties. A different life flashed before me – working 4 days a week and spending 3 days with my newborn son. Supporting a church!  

I applied and started the interview process. The question was – how could we afford to take such a large pay cut? We were unsure. How would we save to buy a house? How would we afford the hospital bills when our son was born? What about childcare? I felt in my heart like the job was the right move. But could we trust that God would provide, during and after our transition?  

We decided to take the risk and I accepted the offer. This change forced Tyler and I to have some long conversations and make some changes in our lifestyle. He missed his frequent trips to Cabela’s and I might still miss the online shopping I used to do, but the reward has been greater. The joy and fulfillment I feel at work and the attitude I bring home to my husband and son have been a huge positive for our family. 

Why do you think that we often struggle with wanting more?  

In Matthew 6:25, Jesus tells us not to “worry” about our lives, what we eat, about our bodies, about what we wear. Eating is necessary, staying in shape keeps us healthy, clothes protect us from the elements…these are all basic needs. So, what do you think Jesus means by “worry?”  

When have you struggled to trust God more than yourself?  

Are you content with your life? If not, why? If so, how do you find contentment?  

Wesley’s Challenge Questions for the Week: 

  1. Am I a slave to dress, friends, work, or habits? 
  2. Am I self-conscious, self-pitying, or self-justifying? 

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