Uniquely Made

Nov 9, 2018Fall 2018 Small Groups

Scripture – Mark 12:38-44

Uniquely Made
By Anne Williams

At dusk one March evening I drove side by side with a train for about fifteen miles on my way home from Weston. I have to admit, my first thought in seeing the train next to me was, “I could totally beat this guy.” Yeesh, what is wrong with me that I instinctively want to prove I can go faster THAN A TRAIN?! I must be really desperate for a win. Maybe I could have blamed it on March Madness or the fact that I had been listening to a way-too-close Jayhawk victory on the radio at the time.

More likely, I had fallen prey once again to the temptations of this social media world that invites – no, begs me – to scroll a little more and think a little more about how everyone else’s life – their smiles, their clothes, their fitness, their vacations, their fancy schmancies – it all looks so much better than plain ol’ me.

Comparing a car to a train is a waste of time. Completely different machines that operate completely different with completely different purposes.

In the story of the widow’s mite, we realize that God is concerned with the status of our heart, which usually can’t be evaluated by an exterior examination. We are invited to let God be the judge, keep our eyes in our own lane, and set aside the idol of comparison. Before our Creator, we stand on even ground – I am uniquely made, created for an individual purpose, with specific gifts and challenges just like you. My worth and value can’t be placed within a ranking system and my friends’ successes don’t disqualify me from my own achievements. I am OK and you are OK.

When do you find yourself most likely to compare yourself to your peers? Are there habits you could adjust to stop feeding this idol? What things remind you you’re okay when you have lost your way?

Wesley’s Challenge Questions for the Week:
1. Do I pray about the money I spend?
2. Do I get to bed on time and get up on time?

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